Set-up Port Forwarding for magicJack

In order for your magicjack usb Internet phone device to function properly, especially if you are experiencing the magicjack no sound problem, you may have to set up port forwarding for magicjack on your router. This is a somewhat technical procedure, but should take you just a few minutes following the instructions in this post.

First, download TCPview for Windows from Microsoft's website. They include instructions on the download page for using the program. The download is a .zip file. Basically, all you have to do is extract the program folder, and run TCPview by double-clicking the Tcpview program icon. TCPView allows you to see which ports on your computer magicJack is using to send and receive data. I've included a sample screenshot from TCPView below with my personal magicJack service running.

My personal experience is that you will only need to configure port forwarding to allow traffic on the highest port shown, in this case 62457, in order for the magicjack to function properly. Now that you know which ports magicjack is using, you need to configure port forwarding on your router to allow magicJack to send and receive data over the Internet using these ports.

Setting up port forwarding takes only a few minutes, but the exact steps vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your router. So, if you do not know how to setup port forwarding on your router, consult your router documentation, or go to Google and search for your router brand and model number, including the words "set up port forwarding" in your search query.

Below are a couple of additional resources that may be helpful when configuring port forwarding for your router. These links open in a new browser window or tab depending upon which Internet browser you are using.

Once you have correctly configured port forwarding on your router, you should have no further issue with your magicJack.

It's important to note that the UDP port magicJack uses to send and receive call data changes whenever the magicJack software, or the computer the magicJack is connected to, are restarted. So, you may need to repeat these steps whenever you restart your computer or your magicJack. A minor inconvenience for unlimited local and long distance phone service for 20 bucks a year. Plus it takes just a few minutes once you know how to set-up port forwarding for magicJack.

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