Fix MagicJack No Sound Problem

Recently, after using magicJack for my personal home phone service for more than 2 years without issue, suddenly it has no sound. I can hear a dial-tone and dial a number, but after that nothing. I can't hear the call ringing, but I can see from the magicjack softphone on my computer that the call is ringing and connects, remaining connected until I hang up, or the other party hangs up. But I can't hear a thing. My phone rings when I receive a call, but when I answer, again no sound.

So, what do I do?

One thing that has been noted repeatedly in magic jack reviews, is that the company does not provide customer service by phone. They maintain a searchable knowledgebase of frequently asked questions, and a live chat help service.

I've read complaints about the customer service, but you get what you pay for. At 20 bucks A YEAR you really can't expect a $12 AN HOUR customer service rep. In my opinion magicJack is a tremendous value and I've been extremely pleased with mine.

So I do what I always do when I have a technical problem, go to Google. It took a while, but the answer was there. Hopefully this post saves you the 4 hours of frustration I experienced in resolving my magic jack no sound problem.

The Fix: It turns out the problem was with my router. Odd, because I have had this particular router for about 3 months, and been using it with magicJack to make and receive calls without issue throughout this time. What I learned while researching the problem, is that some routers do not recognize that magicJack should be allowed to communicate over the Internet when sending and receiving call data, which is essential for the device to function properly.

The fix to this problem takes just a few minutes, requiring only that you Set-up Port Forwarding for magicJack. The only caveat is that you will need to repeat these steps whenever you restart your magic jack, or the computer the magicjack is connected to. A minor inconvenience for unlimited local and long distance phone service for just 20 bucks a year. Plus it takes just a few minutes once you know how.

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